Fast fashion is a trend of producing clothes that are cheap, trendy, and disposable. The idea behind the fast fashion industry is to produce clothes cheaply, without much thought or consideration for quality or longevity. Fast Fashion has become popular due to its cheaper price tag and high stock. 

With the advent of the Internet and social media trends, it's easier than ever to purchase clothes cheaply from all over the world, however this doesn’t come without consequences. 

Problematic Aspects of Fast Fashion

The fashion industry is not famous for its sustainability. The clothes are designed to be affordable and quickly made, with little regard for the environmental impact or the social consequences of exploitation, with many products being created in factories with poor working conditions. 

The fast fashion industry is not sustainable from a financial standpoint either. Companies are often releasing collections that are unprofitable, but because of how fast the clothes go out of style, they end up making a profit in the long term.

Fast fashion and its negative impact is starting to be brought to the forefront more and more. Some companies have been preparing for change - looking at ways to combat it by innovating new sustainable fabrics and production techniques.

What are the alternatives to fast fashion?

One alternative to fast fashion is embracing the slow life. Fast fashion relies on production and consumption, while slow fashion is about sustainability and self-care. Slow life encourages you to buy less but buys well-made clothes that will last you for years or decades.

Another alternative to fast fashion is conscious consumerism. Conscious consumers use their purchasing power to align themselves with brands that promote sustainability, ethical production, and fair wages for workers. They also make a point not to purchase items from companies with a track record of worker exploitation or other irresponsible practices.

There are also many alternative clothing websites that offer sustainable options or sell second hand clothing in order to reduce the amount of waste in our land. So it’s important to do your research before shopping and hold your favorite brands accountable! 

A Win-Win for Everyone!

OpenWardrobe is an AI-powered invite-only app that empowers consumers, brands, (and later tailors, cleaners, personal stylists, personal shoppers, clothing repair), and retailers alike to create an ecosystem for fashion. The digital wardrobe will aid consumers and retailers be more conscious about fashion. The app’s goal is to help individuals organize and use what they already own before shopping for new clothing within their taste range.