Your style constantly changes like fashion. But that doesn't mean you should abandon your old clothes. Here are ways to fit them into your current style.

Fashion is very progressive. It means that it constantly changes, and so does your style. While it may not be possible to purchase new clothes daily, you can think outside the box and make your old clothes look new and current. The first step is figuring out what your current style is. It will also let you know which clothes fit into your current style and which ones need to be decluttered.

Tips to Make Your Old Clothes Fit Today's Current Style

1. Body type:

Your body type should not limit your option. It also should influence what you decide to keep. Pick clothes that look naturally flattering on your body type.

2. Scheme your Wardrobe:

This will take time. Scheme through all your clothes as well as pay close attention to the clothes that you keep repeating. Clothes that you keep repeating will direct you to your current preferred style.

3. Pictures:

Refresh your memory by going through your pictures. Pick out pictures that give you an idea of what you want to retain, and use this to build on your style. Consider the shoes as well as accessories that would accompany the outfit. Additionally, you can use the Pinterest Application to get more inspiration to restyle your previous outfits to fit your current taste.

4. Fashion Icon:

Who is that one person whose taste inspires your style? It could be a celebrity or a close friend. Which of their outfits do you like? It will help you know your current style as well as help you pick out the clothes to retain. 

5. Inspiration:

What is your current fashion inspiration? It could be Bohemian, casual, or even athletic. What do you prioritize when it comes to your outfits? If you are confused about what your fashion inspiration is, you can ask your family and friends. They can also help you figure out what you like about your previous outfits. It will help you single out the old clothes that no longer resonate with your current style.

6. Print and Color Combinations:

If your old clothes have color and print combinations, you can use this to your advantage. Prints never go out of style. You can pair them with other clothes to bring out sophistication and class. You can also play around with soft-hued color palettes and pair them with some of your old clothes. 

7. Accessories:

Figure out which accessories pair well with your old clothes. Accessories help bring out your personality as well as make the outfit look trendy. If an outfit does not pair well with any of your accessories, it might be time to place it in the declutter pile.

8. Styling:

How will you style your outfit? Once you figure out which clothes you want to keep, you need to know how you will style them. It is the last step, and it will reveal if you want to place it in the declutter pile or keep it. Go through your clothes as well as make sure that you are not hoarding clothes because of your attachment to them.

There are so many ways of old styling clothes, such as:

  • You can turn an old shawl or cardigan into an off-shoulder top.
  • Knot an old sundress to make it drape.
  • Roll up the sleeves of an old shirt.
  • Layer your necklaces to make the outfit trendy and complete.
  • Tuck a shirt either at the front or half of it.
  • Roll up the hem of your old jeans.
  • Wear an old t-shirt inside a slip dress; or
  • Drape one of your old coats over a little dress.

If you are having trouble looking and feeling good when dressed in your old clothes, the Open Wardrobe community can step in and help you organize your closet as well as style your outfits. You can create your digital wardrobe, share it with your friends to coordinate your outfits for an event, or connect with other fashionistas. Open Wardrobe also connects you to the world of fashion and becomes your muse for anything fashion-related.