Find out the styles of pants that are trending today as well as how to perfectly pair them according to your day-to-day outfit.

"Argh! Now that I've finally found some pants for today, I can't find a shirt to pair them with, what now"? If only there was a way that I could prepare all of my outfits for the week. If this sounds familiar to you, you are not alone. But, don't be discouraged — just be a little more patient. OpenWardrobe, Inc. is an online community and tool that acts as your digital wardrobe and will make getting dressed a breeze.

Whether you want to dazzle in denim, jazzercise with friends in joggers, or layout your work outfits, so you can grab and go — having your pants paired and ready will definitely make getting dressed quicker and easier without sacrificing class or style. 

While we're waiting for the big launch, the team at OpenWardrobe, Inc. has put together a list of styles to help you choose your next outfit below. So here's what's trending now.

Seven Styles of Pants — and How to Pair Them 

1. High-Waist Wide-Leg Pants 

Snug-fitting around your waist, with flared wide legs at the bottom. Curve accentuating pants that are great for various occasions including formal as well as informal events.

Tip: You can glamour up your wide-leg pants with a sexy blouse, or, you can even keep it a basic solid colored cropped tee. You can pair these trendy pants with mules, or canvas sneakers.

2. Culottes

Welcome back culottes. Culottes are a style of pant that always seems to find its way back into the limelight. This skirt-looking style became popular in the 1930s and tends to stay relevant, even in 2021. 

Not only are they comfy, but culottes are also super flattering for curves and are even versatile when it comes to style. 

Tip: This flowy pant, with its sultry silhouette, is perfect for pairing with: 

  • Camisoles
  • Basic T-Shirts
  • Cropped Tees
  • Boxy Sleeveless Tops

3. Straight-Leg Trousers

The straight leg trouser has been trending among women this year. These are straight-legged, as well as tapered trousers that are perfectly tailored and comfortable. 

Tip: Pair these trousers with a nice button-down top and optional blazer, and finish off with some peep-toe heels.

4. Ribbed Knit Baggy Pants 

Athleisure has emerged as a top contender for comfort. These baggy ribbed knit pants are versatile and trendy. 

Tip: Don't underestimate these lounging pants. You can also pair these with a neutral color stylish top for a look that flatters your curves and is worth showing off. 

5. Joggers

What you once considered exercise pants or sweats has become an essential bottom for just about every woman's closet, and fashionistas are flaunting and owning them. Since joggers are so versatile, there's a multitude of ways to pair them. 

Tip: Pair them with a snug-fitting crop tee if you're going for a sporty look or a lacy blouse as well as a blazer for a business appearance. 

6. Pleated Pants

Pleated pants are popular globally as a fashion trend, and they come in skirts as well as pants with equal flair. Particularly metallic pleated pants and skirts, as they seem to be what's popping currently! They are trendy, airy, as well as gentle on your skin, which makes them great for the summer and spring months.

Tip: Couple a pair of gold or silver pleated pants with a basic black top and black strappy heels. Add some accessories for a finishing touch. 

7. Peg Trousers 

Peg trousers have been deemed a must-have work pant for all closets. Their tailored architecture allows for a fitting yet comfy form around your waist that flows downward to meet the hem of the pants, where it ends in a cuffed or scrunched hem. These were popular during the 1950s and again during the 1980s. Well, they're back and trending. 

Tip: Pair these with a cropped shirt, solid-colored button-down, or a fitting boxy top. 


Now that you know how to pair some of your favorite trousers to create great outfits, aren't you excited to see what other outfits you can create? You can mix and match the pairs that you already have — courtesy of "OpenWardrobe". So go ahead and join our list today and be among the first to be alerted when we provide updates. In the meantime, check out our blog over here.