Digitized Dressing: Don't Minimize Your Wallet - Just Digitize Your Closet

April 14, 2024

Is your closet full of clothes yet you feel like you have nothing to wear? Do you find yourself having too many of the same color or very similar items? Do you have that pair of pants that you just had to have, then once you get them home, realize you have nothing to wear with them? Have you reached the frustrating "All of these clothes, but nothing to wear" mindset yet? Well, great news! Now, there's a digitized dressing app for that dilemma, so you don't have to overthink it anymore. 

Do you really even know all that's in your wardrobe? Packed down in the crate in the back of the closet? Or is your truth to life closet just simply a mess with no organization whatsoever? How can you ever find that perfect outfit in all of this disarray? Say hello to OpenWardrobe, your AI-powered wardrobe for daily digitized dressing.

Breaking the "What to Wear" Cycle with Digitized Dressing

Stop spending half of your morning trying to figure out what to wear, it's time to break that cycle. Put an end to:

  • The shopping ban, an on-purpose pause.
  • A time-honored closet clean-out that resulted in a ruthless purge.
  • The capsule closet method, putting together certain items that color coordinate.

Consider trying something new, as opposed to minimizing or restricting your clothing, and try digitized dressing by digitally cataloging each item of clothing in your closet. But first, you must gauge your baseline on your journey to clothing self-improvement. 

Replacing your clothes on hangers is the digital app, OpenWardrobe, which makes it possible to plan your outfit virtually, while also enhancing your wardrobe with virtual tools and customized fashion recommendations. 

The Benefits of Shopping Your Own Closet, First

You don't want to be a compulsive shopper when you don't have to be, do you?  So go shopping in your own closet, don't overlook what you already have. Have you ever considered the many benefits and outfits that await you if your closet is organized and easily accessible? Oh, boy! Wouldn't that be priceless? Think about the benefits of:

  • You can seamlessly identify closet gaps
  • It's easier to identify what you're looking for
  • It helps you to refrain from impulse shopping
  • You'll never forget the items that you do have
  • It allows you to use your closet's full potential
  • Transition between seasons fluidly and confidently
  • You can create fashionable outfits using your own clothes.

The more you learn about digitized dressing, the more benefits and peace of mind you'll gain.  Enjoy the awesome selection of outfits put together for you daily.

Don't Stress — Just Get Dressed

You know how you just happen to find yourself standing in front of your closet thinking, "All these clothes and nothing to wear, when did I even buy all of this stuff?" Just a tad bit frustrated because you can't seem to create a perfect outfit, but you know that one must exist within the mountain of clothes you're standing in front of.

Get more attuned to wearing the clothes that you already have in your closet before spending money on new clothing. Think about it this way — the most economical clothes are the ones that already reside in your closet. Also, identify the items of clothing and shoes that you are most likely not going to wear, choose to either donate and/or resell those items. Remember, one person's trash is another person's treasure. The best part of all is that your digital closet will help you plan your day-to-day outfits in a matter of minutes. Woo-hoo!


Did you know that people generally only wear about 20-30% of the clothes in their closet, and have no idea how to mix and match to create stylish outfits? If this sounds like you, then OpenWardrobe is just what you need. Join our list and be among the first to be notified when we provide updates.