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hi, we're openwardrobe
We're on a mission to keep clothes out of landfills! Our goal is to inspire, educate, and connect fashion consumers, services, and brands through individualized digital wardrobes, user-driven content, and community. Join us!

Our Values

We believe in convergence of fashion and tech.
We believe in the fun, positivity, diversity, and inclusion in fashion and in life.
We believe in customer consent and transparency.
We believe in making the apparel industry better all around through community, sustainability, organization, innovation, and experiences.

Meet LolaAITM

Our proprietary generative AI  trained for your individual style and taste.

Common Questions

What is OpenWardrobe?
OpenWardrobe is an online community organized around digital wardrobes. It's a place where you can create and maintain your digital wardrobe, share them with your friends, connect with other fashionistas, get inspired by and learn from stylists and influencers, and connect with a bigger fashion ecosystem.
Who is OpenWardrobe for?
OpenWardrobe is for anyone interested in looking good and feeling good about what they wear. Whether you'd like to simply have access to a tool that helps you organize your closet and dress in the morning or learn about style and find your own unique look or get better at wearing what you already own and choosing new clothes to buy, this app is for you!
What is LolaAI?
LolaAI(TM) is our proprietary AI that helps you increase utility of clothes you already own and shop smarter for new items. LolaAI generates outfit recommendations based on your personal style, shows you how you can wear items you're considering buying with items you already own. We're training LolaAI to do more and more things so you'll be able to ask LolaAI for more styling help.
How much does it cost?
Nothing! OpenWardrobe is free to use. We will be introducing Premium (paid) memberships in the future.

Sustainable fashion, besides focusing on environmentally friendly practices, also means learning how to make the most of your wardrobe and finding the possibilities in reusing and repurposing what you already own. With the right tools, you'll be amazed at the fashion options available that protect our planet and make you look your best.

Lauren Rothman
Lauren A. Rothman• Image Consultant | Fashion Writer | Stylist
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  • The most sustainable clothes are those already in your wardrobe!
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