Black and White - The Classic Wardrobe Combo

April 14, 2024

Love or hate them, black and white is the classic wardrobe combo that is here to stay. People have been matching black and white since the beginning of time. If you would like an outfit that screams high fashion while also being timeless, then look no further than this classic color pairing. Furthermore, black and white pieces are the perfect combination for business attire, and this look transcends time, fashion, trends, and other variable factors. Check out our favorite ways to pair the perfect black and white ensembles! 


  • Black on White

Science has proven that wearing black creates an illusion of a slimmer body shape while in contrast, white makes you appear larger. You can use this to your advantage. Wear a white item on the body part you’d like to stand out and black on the body part you would like to hide. For instance, pairing white palazzo pants and a black fitting bodysuit

  • All Black

All black creates an overall slim figure. Wear this combo when you want an overall slimmer effect. A little black dress is a perfect example of the effects of this. Keep the perfect lbd in your closet as an essential piece that will go the distance for any special occasion. 

  • All White

On the other hand, white can help accentuate your figure. Wear all white on days you want to stand out and look chic. We love a white jumpsuit on those sunny summer days!


Bags, shoes, hats, sunglasses, and jewelry complete an outfit beautifully. Accessories that come in black or white look timeless, sleek, and expensive. They can either be one solid color or be a mixture of both. For example, you could match a white bag with black and white shoes while wearing black jeans, a black t-shirt, and a white coat.

Prints and patterns

  • Polka dots

Black and white polka dots are very fun and playful. Find a polka dot dress or a simple polka dot shirt to add some fun to your outfit.

  • Checked

There are so many variations of black and white checked prints. Some have more black than white, others are vice versa while others are balanced. Checked materials make good shirts or skirts. You could wear a checked skirt with a black or white bodysuit depending on the look you’re going for.

  • Houndstooth

This print is a type of checked print that looks like a canine tooth. It is mostly used in making jackets and suits. However, it can also be in the form of an accessory as the hat above. This hat will pair well with a monochromatic or black-and-white outfit.

  • Zebra print

Zebra print can also be referred to as black and white stripes. A common, beautiful print that will pop. Whether it’s a cotton t-shirt or a statement coat, you will look very stylish. If you are looking to ease into prints, start by getting a scarf that you can wear or accessorize your bag with.

  • Floral

Black and white floral are also not very popular but they are very fashionable. The florals break the monotonous plain colors. For example, you can wear a black and white floral strap dress over a turtleneck or a long-sleeved top.