Sustainable and Ethical Fashion: A Detailed Overview of Fashion Practices

April 14, 2024

Fashion has evolved over the years. Everything has changed, from the way people dress to the type of dressing they prefer. Luckily, this change has also reminded people of the impact that fashion has on the environment. For this reason, designers are looking into more sustainable and ethical fashion practices.

Why Sustainable and Ethical Fashion?

This type of fashion involves obtaining, manufacturing, and designing clothes that benefit society with negligible environmental impact. From an ethical perspective, fashion needs to uphold the moral values of a community.

Many design houses are adopting the concept of sustainability. They have set systems to help implement this change in the business. Designers understand that their companies seek to benefit more if they adopt more eco-friendly and ethical business practices.

Pillars of Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

Before a fashion item can be termed as sustainable and ethical, three parameters need to be accessed. They include:

1.    Animal Cruelty-Free

Animals somewhere need to suffer in manufacturing fashion items. A snakeskin clutch purse made from genuine snakeskin is an example. You can only imagine what happened to the snake.

Animals suffer in the fashion world. Leather is the most common raw material for bags. However, it is irresponsibly sourced most of the time.

The emergence of animal cruelty-free brands has changed the situation. Most design houses are now opening up to the idea of responsibly sourcing raw materials in more humane ways. For an item to be termed sustainable, it has to be animal cruelty-free.

2.    Planet-Friendly

It is worth mentioning that the fashion industry is among the biggest pollutants in the world. During the manufacturing process, toxic substances are released into the air and water.

For a fashion piece to be called sustainable, it has to be eco-friendly. Fashion houses are now reusing and recycling materials. Another innovative way fashion brands are protecting the environment is by using sustainable fabric to make eco-friendly swimwear made from plastic waste.

3.    Enhances the Social Good

If a fashion item doesn't contribute to the community's overall well-being, then it is unsustainable and unethical. Social good digs deeper into how these items are produced, who produces them, and how they are compensated.

The farmers need to reap reasonable profits from growing the fabric's raw materials. Additionally, all workers involved in making a fashion item have to be well compensated and appreciated.

Social good also means humane working conditions. A brand needs to support the community surrounding it by providing employment opportunities. If a brand's public image is good but has no positive contribution to its immediate community, its products cannot be termed as sustainable or ethical.

What's Your Role in the Implementation of Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Practices?

As a consumer, you have a part to play in ensuring that the fashion industry remains environmentally conscious. For instance:

  • You can decide to support and purchase more eco-friendly fashion pieces.
  • Take time to learn the benefits of sustainable and ethical practices and teach them to others.
  • Hold brands accountable for any unethical practices they engage in.
  • Learn to limit your shopping and buy only what you need. This avoids waste and encourages recycling.
  • Think of new ways to style your clothes without adding more to what you already have. A good idea is to swap your clothes with those of your loved ones.
  • It also helps if you carry out due diligence before you buy from a brand. Some brands appear to be sustainable, but only for marketing purposes. Ensure the brands you purchase from are walking their talk.

Sustainable and ethical fashion helps preserve Mother Nature for a lifetime while keeping everyone happy and satisfied. Spreading this awareness to those you interact with will also contribute to this noble cause. Visit our website for more fashion insights and ideas.